Human centered software, to connect, collaborate and grow. - Cyberdigma
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Hospitality Tech Company

Human centered software, to connect, collaborate and grow.

Sales Channel-, Market Place- & Property Management System

This online booking marketplace software provides an easy-real-time booking platform, with various sales channels, for workspaces, meeting spaces or desk spaces. Hybrid meeting automation. The platform contains a full Property Management System, with sections for Reviews, CRM, Yield, RFP’s as well as a extensive set of real-time operational and managerial Data Dashboards.

Corporate Office Suite

Toolbox for organizations, containing booking software for internal and external use of meeting rooms, cowork seats a COVID Seating System for employees.


The Passport is the personal user data wallet and as such the starting point for all activities within a network of connected people. Within the Passport it is possible to manage all users’ data and privacy settings. Change, add or delete skill tags, profile pictures, e-mail settings and more. Organize events. The Serendipity Machine is incorporated in the software, so users get relevant content. Can be matched with relevant, but unknown network members, jobs, projects and more. The passport is completely GDPR compliant.

The Serendipity Machine

By treating serendipity as the emergent property of an open mindset and social networks, our software is able to create contexts in which unplanned combinations of actors are able to share ideas and skills, producing emergent value. This AI algorithm is self- learning and incorporated within the Passport.

CHP dashboard

The best team of software developers and UX experts skilled in strategy and agile working

At Cyberdigma we believe in connecting people. We know that by connecting professionals, they will start to collaborate and share their knowledge, and reinforce each other. Together the professionals will create more business, incubate, and accelerate. We help these professionals by facilitating custom-made software and  useful tools..